Burke County Emergency Services
Division of Emergency Management

The Division of Emergency Management is a local function, which is aligned with the State of North Carolina for the Planning, Preparation, Response to, and finally the recovery from catastrophic accident or natural disaster.


The primary function is the process of accessing the county for vulnerability and or its susceptibility to be stricken or impacted from either man-made/technological or natural disasters as well as planning for such events.


Burke County has and maintains a Multi-hazard Plan for such events, which has potential to adversely affect our county, ranging from dam failure, winter storms, tornadoes, earthquakes to hazardous material accidents.


Also the plan provides by Ordinance, the mechanism for the Board of Commissioners to declare a State of Emergency, whereby they may prohibit or control certain activities within our county.


The plan further provides for the roles and responsibilities for the various county departments and agencies in service to its citizens during time of disaster.


The emergency planning function is participated by all emergency services staff and is an on-going work in progress.


However, the most important aspect is the cooperation and involvement between all agencies who may participate in a disaster both county agencies as well as outside and state resources, all who can and do play a role in both disaster response and recovery.


We are fortunate to have this cooperation and support of the county's volunteer fire departments, rescue squads and REACT.


As well as law enforcement of all levels, agencies such as the Red Cross, Broughton Hospital, United Christian Ministries, Salvation Army, NC Emergency Management, North Carolina Forestry Service, BRIDGE Program, NC National Guard, NCDOT, Duke Energy, REMC, local DSS, Health Department, Public Works, Agriculture Extension, Burke County Public Schools, WPCC, and Building Inspections, all of whom either facilitate the community from either a human service or through infrastructure.


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